Worldbuilding in Age of Sigmar's Realm of Chamon

Everyone comes from somewhere, right? That includes armies in Age of Sigmar! Each Mortal Realm offers a unique culture, background, and history. But how to tie all these elements together with your narrative force? By rolling on random tables! Everyone loves rolling on random tables.

Today we’ll take a look at the Realm of Chamon, the realm of Metal. First, I’ll give a brief overview of the realm and it’s history. Then, a series of random table to help you develop your own Chamonite narrative force.

Welcome to the Realm of Chamon

The lands of Chamon hang in the Aetheric Void like a children’s mobile made of metallic discs. Continents shift, split, and merge. Imagine islands floating in the sky, connected by strange portals. Waterfalls of molten metal flow between them, cascading into the empty void.

Once home to a vast Duardin empire, Chamone was a center of technological advancement. Steam-powered and cogwork rail lines connected settlements across great distances. Even more complex examples of arcane technomagic poured from their cities.

For reasons known only to himself, Tzeentch coveted the lands of Chamon. His agents worked to corrupt the very heart of the realm. At the dawning of the Age of Chaos their master plan saw the center of the realm converted to a powerful vortex. Change magic flowed out in all directions, changestorms wreaking havoc wherever they went. Only the Tzaangor Twistfrays, devoted cultists of Tzeentch, could withstand the power. Now, impermanence is the only certainty in Chamon.

Change magic dominates the heart of Chamon, but Metallurgic magic dominates the fringes. Civilization exists in a narrow tug-of-war between these two powerful forces. The narrow band of habitability vacillates between verdant fields and volcanic wastelands. Even where the land is safe to live, the trees may have iron bark. Some of the fruit may in fact be gemstones. It’s possible that a fish could have crystal scales.

Far to the East the Viscid Flux is one of Sigmar’s most valuable provinces. Vindicarum, the greatest Sigmarite bastion in the region, rests in and atop the caldera of a quicksilver volcano. Trees and grasses in the Flux, filled with minerals, are inedible to most. The citizens of Vidicarum are hearty, and known for their religious zeal. Frequent Dawnbringer Crusades issue forth to claim the Arable Heartlands to the North.

To the Southwest lies the Gloomspite kingdom of Skrappa Spill. Many would consider it nothing more than a trash heap. A discarded pile of rusty metal. In fact, this fungus-blessed metropolis is the crowning jewel of Skragrott the Loonking.

Between more permanent settlements float the sky-ports of the Kharadron Overlords. Shining beacons of commerce and trade, the sky-ports are powered by aether-gold. Fleets of Kharadron ships range across each of the realms, always searching for more. Vast quantities of the floating realmstone whirl above the vortex at the heart of Chamon. A dangerous temptation for the sky lords whose society it powers.

Random Tables for Settlements in the Realm of Chamon

Setting and Location

Roll 3d6 then consult the following tables to determine the location, major features, and detriments of a Chamonite settlement.

Roll 3d6
Result Location
1 Carved into the base of a dormant volcano.
2 On the banks of a lake or river.
3 Hidden in a valley surrounded by hills.
4 A series of underground chambers and tunnels.
5 In the boughs of metallic trees, each strong enough to hold a stone fortess.
6 Nomadic, wandering across the realm.
Result Features
1 Rivers of molten copper, iron, or gold.
2 Frequent storms that rain gemstones.
3 Nearby grass is metallic and razor-sharp.
4 Fog of reflective silver particles rolls in every evening.
5 Nearby animals are clockwork and can be harvested for parts.
6 Settlement built on the remains of a previous civilization.
Result Detriments
1 Local flora and fuana are metallic and unsafe to eat.
2 Toxic fumes rise from vents in the ground and make the air dangerous to breathe.
3 Water is acidic and unsafe to drink. Potable water must be imported.
4 Changestorms roll through frequently, nothing can be relied on to stay unchanged.
5 Nearby enemies frequently attempt to invade.
6 Two nearby powers are making war and settlement is trapped between them.

History and Culture

Roll 2d6 to determine the history and culture of a Chamonite settlement.

Roll 2d6
Result History
1 Survived the Age of Chaos intact. How?
2 Reclaiming their ancestral home. Why?
3 Made of reluctant recent arrivals. What brought them here?
4 Made of opportunistic recent arrivals. What brought them here?
5 Survived in secret. Where did they hide?
6 The history of the settlement is unknown. How was it lost?
Result Culture
1 Passionate and warlike.
2 Dour and serious.
3 Reluctant warriors.
4 Priests and penitent worshippers.
5 Intellectual investigators.
6 Opportunists.


Roll 1d6 to determine what the settlement wants or needs.

Roll 1d6 Wants & Needs
1 They crave aether-gold. Why?
2 They need chamonite to function. Why?
3 Economy is based on finding and selling artifacts. To whom?
4 Harvests potent sources of magical power. Which?
5 Looking for a safe home from the never ending conflict. Do they find it?
6 Looking for revenge for wrongs done against them. Does it happen?


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